Mitsubishi CJ3B "Willys" Jeep.


P J Davey & Co are delighted to announce that we are now importing the fantastic Mitsubishi CJ3B"Willys" Jeep.

The CJ3B offers all the charm and character of the original Willys Jeep but with all the reliability of Japanese mechanicals.

Powered by a gutsy 2.7 litre Mitsubishi Turbo diesel engine and linked to a 4 speed manual transmission with low/high ratios and locked diff selection the CJ3B is built to the most exacting military standards with huge off road ability. It is an immensely tough vehicle and will soak up huge punishment, whether it is on the battlefield or your local off road course!

Quite simply, to see one is to want one and with prices starting from under £4,000 the CJ3B is eminently affordable.

All our Jeeps are selected with great care and are in terrific condition, often with minimal mileage.

Every Jeep includes a comprehensive pre sale service, 12 months MOT and 6 months road tax.

Try before you buy! We have a demonstrator Jeep on site and an off road course for you to try your prospective vehicle on. The kind of challenging terrain it was designed for.

The CJ3B is that special kind of vehicle, possessing a huge feel good factor. A 4x4 with which you instantly bond and will come to look upon as one of the family for years to come.

Original designs -1952 (nice page)


The Universal Jeep CJ-3B was introduced as a 1953 model by Willys-Overland, the company which had produced some 360,000 jeeps used during World War 2 and almost as many civilian Jeeps (CJ's) in the seven years since the war.

In 1953, Mitsubishi was granted license by Willys to build it`s world famous Jeep in Japan and production continued through to 1998 when Mitsubishi announced that production was to cease. During this time many of Mitsubishi`s Jeeps were exported to armed forces around the world, including the USA!